Bone Grafting

bone grafting in Richmond Hill

Choosing the right bone grafting expert is a critical decision. My Smile Oral Surgery fits the bill from a professional and personal standpoint in Richmond Hill.

Why? Because we have both the experience and dedication to each and every patient and situation. We know that you have questions and concerns. We understand that you want to know about what to expect before, during and after a bone grafting.

We’re here to walk you through the entire process from beginning to the end.


What Bone Grafting is all about?

Portions of your jawbone can atrophy when you lose teeth. Over a period of time, the jawbone can be resorbed. Modern oral surgery innovations in bone grafting have allowed us several options to replace what’s missing. Let us help you with different options over the consultation.

Remember if you’re hoping to have dental implants you need to have a solid anchor for them. And that’s where these bone replacement procedures come in.


What Is Bone Grafting?

Our bone grafting treatments in Richmond Hill repairs deficiencies in your jawbone from previous extractions, injuries or even gum diseases.


Richmond Hill Sinus Lift Procedure

My Smile Oral Surgery offers sinus lift procedure too. This is the area above your upper molar teeth. These sinus walls can be too thin to place dental implants without sinus elevation procedure.

Modern innovations have given us the ability to replace bone in what’s called the posterior upper jaw. These sinus elevation procedure make dental implants possible for patients who otherwise get loose fitting dentures.

Getting a consultation with us is the first step. We will be able to fill you in on everything you need to know about these procedures. We want you to be comfortable with our bone grafting and sinus lift procedures in Richmond Hill before we start.

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