Exposure of Impacted Teeth

What is Exposure of Impacted Teeth?

These are more commonly referred to as eyeteeth. But impacted cuspids Richmond Hill can develop the same kind of infections as wisdom teeth. The upper eyetooth becomes impacted quite often.

Normally people have four of these. The two located in the upper jaw are known as maxillary. The lower ones are called the mandibular cuspids. These bottom ones have roots that sink into the lower jaw quite deeply.

Like wisdom teeth, these cuspids often fail to erupt and become impacted. When this happens, these teeth either emerge in front of the other ones or behind them. Cuspids are very strong and used for biting.


Close Your Jaw

When you close your jaw, they are the first teeth that touch to align with the others. For people who need help, treatment options include the use of braces. As we age, the need for oral surgery when it comes to impacted cuspids in Richmond Hill becomes more likely.

If more than one of these cuspids is impacted, an oral surgeon and orthodontist will usually work together to solve the issue. Surgery to save the teeth is the first option.


Impacted Cuspids Richmond Hill and Surgery: What to Expect

Most patients who come into our offices for surgery will want IV sedation. There are other options available including general anesthetic. Remember surgery is the preferred method as the impacted tooth is usually in a difficult position.

Patients can expect there will be some bleeding after the surgery. They might feel a little discomfort as well. Ibuprofen or Advil are generally all that’s needed to manage the pain. It only takes a few days to go off these medications completely.


A Bland Diet

There is usually just a little bruising after an operation like this. We recommend a bland diet at first. Once you’re comfortable chewing again, you can go back to your regular foods.

Staying away from anything that might irritate the surgical site is a good idea during the healing process. Avoid any sharp-edged foods like chips and crackers too.

We find there are quite a few cases were both of these maxillary canines are impacted. Bracketing these teeth is a common technique that’s used to fix the situation.

About two weeks after Richmond Hill impacted cuspids are removed, the patient will make another visit to the orthodontist. It’s a follow-up  to make sure everything is going well. It’s part of our commitment to efficient dental care that improves your lifestyle.

We can answer all your questions about Impacted Cuspids Richmond Hill in a consultation.

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