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Oral Pathology Richmond Hill

The inside of your mouth can be a bellwether for issues requiring our oral pathology in Richmond Hill services. We like to tell patients the skin should be coral pink and smooth.  Any difference there could be the first red flag of an impending pathological process. The worst of these could include mouth and or oral cancer.

My Smile Oral Surgery has Oral Pathology Richmond Hill specialists on staff who can make the right diagnosis. These professionals are experts at pinpointing the causes of oral diseases that can change structures like cheeks and lips as well as teeth and jaws.


Some of these pathologies can even affect parts of the neck and face.

One of the keys is in early detection. Here are a few of the symptoms that could indicate an issue.

 * Problems with swallowing and/or chewing. If you suffer from this symptom, get in touch with us quickly. There is not always pain associated with pathology. Still, suffering from oral or facial pain can be symptomatic of oral cancer.

 *Any sore in your mouth that doesn’t heal properly. The key to successful treatment of any Oral Pathology in Richmond Hill issue is early detection.


There are several other warning signs that you should be aware of. These include hoarseness, a sore throat that lingers as well as skin that thickens on the inside of your mouth. It’s important to look for these changes in several areas that include the pallet and cheeks as well as your lips.

Outstanding patient care is always our first and only priority. Our team of Richmond Hill oral pathology specialists are available to walk you through the process. Making sure that you have a level of confidence in our abilities is the first order of business.


Active Patients

We partner with well-informed patients that take an active part in their oral health care. We work with you in every aspect. That’s why our first recommendation is a monthly self-examination. Anything that’s suspicious should be brought to our attention.

It’s important to make sure that we diagnose and treat any dental problems you have professionally and efficiently.


The Latest Innovations

We pride ourselves on having all of the latest innovations. What’s more, our compassionate and efficient team of dental surgeons are dedicated to your optimal oral health.

We like to tell our patients that your mouth tells you a lot about your health. Contact us today if you find something you think requires our Oral Pathology Richmond Hill services.

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