Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Services

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond Hill York Region

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We offer wisdom teeth removal Richmond Hill services because these “third molars” crowd your mouth. Consider this.

dental implants Richmond hill

Missing one tooth or even several teeth? The dental implants in Richmond Hill we supply are as close to the originals as possible.

bone grafting in Richmond Hill

Bone Grafting

Choosing the right dental experts to look after a procedure like Richmond Hill bone grafting is a critical decision. We offer personalized Consultation and Treatment.

Jaw Surgery in Richmond Hill

Orthognathic Surgery in Richmond Hill is another one of our specialties. Commonly referred to as jaw surgery.


Sleep Apnea Richmond Hill

Sleep Apnea

Left untreated, this is a potentially serious situation. The Sleep Apnea Richmond Hill techniques we put together.

Facial Trauma Richmond Hill

Looking after facial trauma in Richmond Hill requires a specialist in the dental field.

What is Exposure of Impacted Teeth?

Exposure of Impacted Teeth

These are more commonly referred to as eyeteeth. But impacted cuspids can develop the same kind.

Oral Pathology Richmond Hill

The inside of your mouth can be a bellwether for issues requiring our oral pathology in Richmond Hill services.

TMJ Disorders Richmond Hill

Your jaw is a complicated mechanism. That’s why TMJ disorders in Richmond Hill are common.