Wisdom Teeth Removal In Richmond Hill

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond Hill York Region

There are many reasons for wisdom teeth removal in Richmond Hill like infection, cavity, gum disease and problems, weaking of the jaw etc in the region are directly related to wisdom teeth. Consider this. By the time we are 18 years old, most of us have 32 teeth in a space designed to fit twenty-eight.

On the other hand because they are the last teeth to errupt they don’t have enough space for complete eruption. The best date for evaluation is late teens or early 20s. Preventive oral surgery care is one of our priorities.

Early removal is the best option to prevent further issues but age is another limit for wisdom teeth removal.

The Sign & Symptoms

Wisdom teeth that need to be removed don’t always have symptoms. When they are affecting other teeth, you might notice some dental problems like redness and swollen gums or jaw pain. Patients tell us they’ve noticed bad breath and swelling around their wisdom teeth.

We strongly recommend to be evaluated for wisodm teeth at late teens or early 20th because early treatment is best option before they are being symptomatic.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond Hill Starts with An Examination

The first step is evaluating the situation with a thorough examination. This usually starts with a digital x-ray that helps us determine whether these teeth need to be removed or not. Research and all data tell us that finding problems early is the best path to good outcomes.

Ideally people are evaluated when they are in their mid teens. The best person to evaluate and perform a surgery is an oral surgeon in richmond hill.

The Richmond Hill Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Sedation is usually needed. Of course, we will take the time to go over everything we need to do before the procedure date. It would be a minor surgical procedure for wisdom teeth removal in Richmond Hill.

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