High customer satisfaction with the performance of the mysmileoralsurgery clinic in Richmond Hill
High customer satisfaction with the performance of the mysmileoralsurgery clinic in Richmond Hill

The Best oral & Maxillofacial surgery in Richmond Hill

My Smile Oral Surgery is a professional oral and Maxillofacial surgery clinic in Richmond Hill. As our chief surgeon, Dr. Abolfazl Ghorbani prides himself on leading a team of compassionate and caring dental experts. Our clinic is state-of-the-art and welcoming. Our patients come first and that’s why we pride ourselves on being an oral surgery clinic in Richmond Hill. We make our services transparent; before any procedures are done at the clinic, we explain the process thoroughly to our patients to make sure they are comfortable in the whole process.

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Dental Implants

The number one advantage of this cosmetic dental appliance is function. They look exactly like your original teeth. Eat what you want when you want to with these modern dental marvels. In our clinic in Richmond Hill we use Titanium, Zirconium and Ceramic dental implants to ensure that they are secure and permanent.

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Bone Grafting

My Smile Oral Surgery looks after all the dental issues that affect your smile. Sometimes, the jawbone can atrophy when you are missing teeth. It’s a situation we’ll need to correct before we can place dental implants.

We have the professional staff who can walk you through the process. We can also repair any jaw defects with bone from a tissue bank or your own body.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

This process starts with a careful and thorough examination. Wisdom teeth need to be removed when they don’t erupt properly. They can remain trapped under the gum or even grow in sideways.

Impacted wisdom teeth cause several issues like pain, stiffness and swelling. We can diagnose the problem with a complete oral examination that includes dental x-rays.


A Variety of Oral Surgery Services in Richmond Hill

My Smile Oral Surgery in Richmond Hill covers a variety of other oral surgery services. We’ve developed complete and efficient techniques for repairing facial trauma. The Orthognathic Surgery and Oral Pathology departments are second to none when it comes to dental innovation.

We also treat common issues like TMJ Disorders and Sleep Apnea.

Oral Surgery That Looks After Your Smile

Like the name implies, My Smile Oral Surgery looks after your smile. Successful results are the cornerstone of everything we do. Our surgical team is made up of dental industry leaders. We have innovative practitioners who work in a variety of disciplines.

We have a long list of patient testimonials from people in different walks of life. You can add your name to that oral surgery list through a referral or by contacting us directly.

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Dr. Abolfazl Ghorbani graduated as DDS in 2003
Dr. Abolfazl Ghorbani